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Waabot Storefront is a simple, beautiful online store for African creators.

What is Store Front?

Bringing your business online for the first time? Creating a Storefront is so simple, you can do it all by yourself.

Don't have time for expensive ERPs? Get started fast with Storefront.

Why our platform rocks

Sell anything

Our platform offers freedom to sell anything from

  • Physical products like foods and clothes
  • Digital products like ebooks and online voting
  • Services like online classes and paid consultations

Read our terms & conditions for more details

Quick and Easy Setup

Create and setup your account in less than 2 mins without stress

Simple Dashboard

Manage Inventory, customize dashboard, track orders with our shopfront


Here are a couple most asked questions relating to our plans

How do I get started with waabot?
To get started, sign up for an account on our website, choose a pricing plan that suits your needs, and follow the setup instructions to connect your WhatsApp account
Can I integrate Waabot with other tools?
Do I need technical skills to use waabot?
What payment forms do you accept?

Still have questions?

Talk with our sales team to better understand the scale of your business and reccomend the right plan for you

Move your Business Online with Waabot Storefront